Corporate Services

The Australian Health Industry Group (AHIG), is an independent management and consulting group that utilises its industry expertise, intellectual rigour and strength to assist its clients to solve complex business problems by delivering pragmatic outcomes that matter.

We employ leading thinkers and specialists to provide independent analysis and advice to businesses in the health, welfare, disability and community health sectors where our innovative solutions focus on the operational performance of our clients.

Our team, boosted through affiliations with complementary organisations, is comprised of individuals with a wealth of skills in finance, operations, people management, technology and strategic thinking, who provide a broad array of services to the sector.

Our services focus on understanding our client’s needs and developing practical bespoke solutions which give tangible results. Our services cover the entire employee life cycle from talent attraction, development and management through to outplacement.

We help our clients to effectively reduce some of the major costs of managing a modern workforce without compromising quality.

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Human Resource Audits

Our audits involve review of current systems, practices, processes, policies and procedures. We provide a detailed report with recommended strategies for achieving compliance and best practice outcomes. Our experienced team can also assist with implementation.

Strategic and Business Planning

We provide strategic and business planning assistance to organisations wishing to clearly express and achieve their business objectives.

Our services include

  • facilitating vision, mission and values statements
  • clarifying strategic objectives
  • strategic planning workshop
  • business plans
  • strategies to achieve objectives
  • implementation of strategies

Change Management and Organisational Restructures

Change management is the process of taking a structured approach to transition an organisation from a current to desired state.

AHIG, through a process of stakeholder engagement will examine your infrastructure, people and policies to create a change management plan which will be consistent with your organisation’s future objectives.

Our experienced advisers will work with you through all stages of the change management process. Our priority is to increase adoption and participation rates, minimise disruption, provide organisational flexibility and adaptability, increase problem solving and planning, minimise risk and help you to reap the benefits of change.

Workforce Planning

We will work with you to ensure you have a comprehensive workforce plan that operates throughout the employee lifecycle and provides your organisation with the capability to modify, grow and develop the workforce skills of your business.

Performance Development and Improvement

Our advisers work with organisation’s to develop effective systems for performance development and improvement. Aligning performance development and improvement to achieve individual career goals which contribute to the achievement of team and organisational goals is one of our strengths.

Auditing of Medical, Dental & Allied Health Businesses

The consultants at the AHIG can assist the owners and managers of small to medium medical, dental and allied health organisations to improve performance, efficiency and services through their management audit program.

There are six key corporate areas addressed including:

  1. The medical clinic’s financial performance
  2. Recommendations for improving financial performance
  3. Recommendations for maximising income streams through Medicare and incentive payments
  4. Practice management and staffing levels
  5. Optimisation of health assessments and GP management plans
  6. Contractual and purchasing arrangements

Corporate Due Diligence Programs

We understand that investing in a business, either by way of outright acquisition or by becoming one of a number of shareholders, is an important decision and that there are many factors that must be considered.

The best way to minimise the risk associated with a business investment is to be in a position to make a well informed decision regarding the merits and risks associated with your acquisition target.

The professionals at the Australian Health Industry Group provide due diligence services which will assist you in making such a decision.

Due diligence provides you with a detailed insight into your acquisition target. The process involves conducting an investigation into the commercial, financial and taxation affairs of the target. 
The scope of a due diligence engagement can be tailored so that it focuses on the areas which are identified as being of primary importance to you.

Generally due diligence engagements involve the review and verification of historical financial information, the review of taxation affairs, the identification and analysis of trends, the review of forecast financial information, the review of commercial factors (such as the quality of customers, products and assets) and the review of information systems and internal processes.

So that we can add real value to your due diligence review we will work with you to:

  • understanding the reasons why you are acquiring or investing in the nominated asset;
  • design the due diligence procedures to meet your information needs; and
  • present you with a full written report and findings of all material risk and analysis to support your decision making processes