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9:00am 7 Mar 2019 to 4:30pm 4 Apr 2019
Human Resources;Leadership;Management;Webinar
5/641 Mt Alexander Road , Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

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A six week webinar program designed to refresh and ignite your passion for management. 

A productive workplace starts with healthy staff, and that starts with you. This webinar series has a focus on mindfulness and behaviour.  Giving you the ability to experience more positive emotions and connections with others.  

7 March 2 pm                    Tackle Stress & Build Resilience 

                                           In a recent workplace survey 1 in 3 employees claimed to feel stress at work from having too much work to do. Recognise your internal and external stress triggers. Learn how some triggers can be turned into positive or learning experiences.

12 March  2 pm                  The Power of Influence 

                                            One of our best webinars, which is a big call!

The mechanics of influence and how to use triggers to generate behavioral change to motivate employees and promote positive work outcomes.

19 March 2 pm                   Personal Productivity in a busy workplace 

                                            Decision making is a human competence, it improves with knowledge and practice. Learn ways to 'quiet' your busy brain, deal with distractions and focus on the task at hand.  

21 March 2 pm                   Managing Performance

                                            The process of feedback, accountability and documentation of outcomes.  Channel your employee talents toward organisational goals.  Tips and hints when documenting performance and progress.

2 April 2 pm                        Managing Difficult Behaviours   

                                            Each person comes to work with their own personality and emotional conditioning. From time to time they will disagree on issues. Understand common types of difficult behaviour and conflict. Develop strategies to deal with difficult situations, improve communication channels and focus on team productivity.

4 April 2 pm                        Bullying & Harassment 

                                           Everyone deserves to feel safe at work.  Learn how to spot workplace bullying, the differences between bullying and harassment and most imp


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