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The Australian Health Industry Group (AHIG) is one of the nation's most trusted management and consulting groups in the health industry.
As an independent body, we are committed to delivering expert advice in industrial relations and employer services for businesses in the health, welfare and community services sectors.
Our difference lies in the quality of our market-leading advice and reputation for meeting the needs of clients and also in our approach to creating trusted, long-term relationships with them.
Our membership services offers access to a hotline services where members can speak with legal practitioners, annual salary circulars, industrial bulletins specific to their industry, a bi-monthly member bulletin and special member pricing on all AHIG services.

AHIG Legal provides legal counsel and advocacy to employers. employees, contactors and individuals.

We specialise in employment and commercial law, working extensively in healthcare, not-for-profit, charitable organisations and commercial enterprise.

Much of our work involves the implementation of preventative strategies and processes that minimise exposure to potential disputes and litigation. When necessary or unavoidable we pursue litigation with vigour. Most importantly, when you talk with us, you will always have direct access to a senior experienced lawyer

AHIG Medical is a business unit of AHIG that provides consulting services for the implementation, management and improvement of medical, dental and allied health practices. AHIG Legal can assist practice owners with the purchase or sale of their businesses

AHIG Payroll is a fully managed, low risk, high efficiency and high performance service. We offer payroll solutions that cater for an unlimited number of employees whilst managing superannuation, benefits, compliance issues and taxation. Our services include monitoring and evolving to meet continuous changes in legislation and circumstances.

Streamline your rostering, timesheets and payroll with our secure online rostering and timesheets. 
Our payroll system is customised to organisation

  • Pays weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Include option for online rostering
  • Include options for online timesheets

AHIG Payroll is a cost effective option. Our advanced technology and human expertise will help you reduce your staffing & IT costs.

Our Partners


The Medical Business Network assists businesses in the health sector to adopt better business principles coupled with greater efficiency and effort are required to create a quality, sustainable and profitable business for the future. Through its activities provides relevant advice and tools to assist members improve quality, save money and increase profits.