Employee Remuneration & Benefits

As employees are the key assets of any organisation, and profits can be heavily influenced by the resources needed to reward and incentivise your workforce, it is important for organisations to get their employee incentive programs right. Our employee remuneration and benefits specialists can help you achieve this.  

Remuneration Planning

We help our clients to develop a competitive pay structure, to attract, reward and retain the top talent.

To do so we take advantage of our ability to provide benchmark data from similar size organisations within the relevant sector to develop remuneration and rewards for individuals involving:

  • Market positioning.
  • Fixed pay and benefits.
  • the link between pay and performance
  • Understanding what role your recognition program should play in your total rewards strategy.
  • Industry-specific rewards.
  • Short and long-term incentives.
  • Pay mix.

We believe that remuneration reviews are best conducted as part of the ongoing investment cycle and as part of an organisational benchmarking process with outcomes aligned with an organisation’s needs. Our experienced remuneration review advisers will work with you to implement a review program which fits with your organisations’ current and future needs

Compliance With Modern Awards And Agreements

The Australian Health Industry Group are specialists in award interpretation working across a range of different industries.

The Modern Award System and with it the National Employment Standards (NES) took effect on 1 January 2010, and every private sector employer (whether a company or not) needs to comply.

We understand that the modern award system can be confusing so we work with you to understand your obligations as an employer under the relevant modern award/s. 

determining what award applies, and whether you are meeting your obligations under the award, can be difficult.

We can assist by:

  • advising you on which modern award or awards apply to your business, and 
  • Reviewing your existing employment contracts and advising you on whether or not they comply.

The Australian Health Industry Group also provides an award updating service that provides you with ongoing wage rates and other award entitlements changes as they come to hand.

We can assist you with complying with your obligations under the Modern Award System and the (NES) by assisting you to understand:

  • Which modern award(s) apply to your business;  
  • Your obligations under the NES (for example parental leave rights, rights to request flexible work arrangements, changed rules for cashing out leave or directing employees to take annual leave);  
  • How other agreements, such as enterprise agreements, individual flexibility arrangements and contracts apply if an award or awards already covers your business;
  • Which of your employees might not be covered by a modern award because of their status as a “highly paid employee”;  
  • What are the current rates of pay and classifications, casual loadings, overtime rules for employees under the applicable Modern Award;  
  • That each of your employment contracts, policies and practices require regular review to ensure they remain consistent with the NES obligations.

Finally if you are advised of an audit or receive a claim for underpayment


contact one of our experienced consultants on (03) 9280 8060 for immediate assistance.

Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging, commonly known as Salary Sacrifice, is an arrangement between an employee and their employer where the employee agrees to forego a portion of their income for ‘other benefits' offered by the employer.

This portion of salary is ‘sacrificed’ in return for other benefits, such as payment of employee mortgage, rent or school fees. The salary packaging benefit is paid in pre-tax dollars, reducing the employee taxable income. Reducing tax paid may result in increased take-home pay

Our Salary Options Business assists those employers who are eligible to provide their employee with such services under the Fringe Benefits Tax legislation.

For further information contact Salary Options on 1300 660 416 or access the website at www.salaryoptions.com.au

Novated Leasing

Novated car leasing is one of the most effective ways of helping employees lower their taxable income whilst enjoying the opportunity to drive a safer more modern vehicle.

Novated car leasing continues to gain popularity as more and more employees discover the benefits of a financial tool that employers can use to enhance salary packages, and employees use to gain more car for their dollar.

A Novated lease is a three way agreement between you the employee, your employer and a finance company. As an employee, a Novated lease allows you to pay for your lease payments as well as the running costs of the vehicle with pre-tax income in one regular payment.

Your Novated lease payment contains the following:

  • Finance repayment
  • All service, maintenance and mechanical repairs
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Annual registration and CTP (if applicable)
  • Fuel card
  • Tyres
  • 24 hour Roadside Assistance

Benefits to the employee:

  • Reduced annual tax bill
    • Finance payments and operating costs are paid before tax lowering your taxable income
  • Cost savings on the purchase of a vehicle
    • No deposit required or up-front costs
    • Significant fleet discounts on new vehicles (greater than dealer discounts) due to our buying power
    • Considerable savings with no GST on the initial purchase of the vehicle
    • Feet discounts on servicing and maintenance through our network of preferred suppliers
    • Fuel card from a choice of suppliers with discounted rates
  • Flexibility in the choice of vehicle
    • Select your own dealership or access Car Leasing Options’ preferred suppliers
    • Full choice of colour, trim and accessories
    • Choose your own insurance company
  • Convenience and customer care
    • One regular payment inclusive of all vehicle associated costs
    • Peace of mind as we schedule, monitor and track servicing and tyre replacement for your vehicle
    • Accident and claims management
    • Our friendly staff will help you to monitor your kilometres travelled and expenditure on running costs
    • 24 hour/365 day on-call customer support
    • Smooth out the costs associated with your vehicle across the length of the lease
    • Online account and mobile app providing regular statements, reports and other tools to track your account

It is a simple, easy process for both the employer and employee as we at Car Leasing Options keep the administrative load to a minimum, whilst ensuring that you gain the maximum possible benefit from your Novated lease. If you currently own your own vehicle this can also be converted into a Novated lease, so you can still benefit from the tax savings.

For further information contact Car Leasing Options on 1300 693 077 or access the website at www.carleasingoptions.com.au

Provision Of Payroll Services For Employers

Payroll is much more than simply “paying the staff” and our business My Payroll Options we provide a comprehensive payroll service to companies looking for a reliable Payroll / HR provider. Working collaboratively with these companies to manage their payroll operation is a key part of our solution offering.

As a result the employer enjoys all the accessibility, flexibility and control of processing payroll in-house – without having to allocate staff, equipment, time and resources to manage it. When it comes to reliability, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility, you can depend on our people to ensure the timely payment of yours.

Consider the Advantages

  • Secure access to payroll data, HR and accounting data
  • Service options to meet the level demanded by your business
  • Service located at our premises
  • Automatic updates in accordance with changes in legislation
  • Minimises your administration and frees-up your resources
  • Unlimited helpdesk support


In short our fully managed service is a low risk, high efficiency and high performance alternative.

My Payroll Options offers payroll solutions that can pay an unlimited number of employees whilst managing superannuation, benefits, compliance issues and tax laws. Our services include monitoring and evolving to meet continuous changes in legislation and circumstances.

Providing experts to run your Payroll and HR processes, allows your business to focus on its core business requirements. The My Payroll Options team of dedicated payroll professionals, coupled with our payroll platforms, ensure compliance with the constantly changing labour and employment regulations. We have the expertise and experience to manage your payroll procedures.

Benefits of moving to a My Payroll Options include:

Real Time Management – Frequent reporting to the employer allows them to react and control excessive overtime and claims. Important decisions can be made and executed in a timely fashion thereby reducing turnover, rehiring or retraining.

  • Minimised External Costs - No additional costs are required for software licensing, upgrades, maintenance or licence charges for end users.
  • Reduced Time Consuming HR Tasks - Your finance / HR department will be freed from tedious and time-consuming administrative work such as data entry, data mining, matching and updating. Outsourcing to My Payroll Options will reduce the burden of tight payroll deadlines and take away the operating headaches of data polling, updating, checking and backups. This in turn will allow your finance / HR department to focus on productive HR activities such as manpower, compensation planning and settling union grievances.

My Payroll Options removes the dependence on client-side software, equipment and support personnel. The often onerous everyday tasks for your IT department are undertaken by My Payroll Options payroll infrastructure.

This removes the information systems burden associated with administering a payroll application internally and provides for servicing the database and software components. Our hosting model offers our clients a secure, stable environment which protects against application downtime and ensure optimum performance.

For a detailed discussion of the benefits of the My Payroll Options alternative please contact us on (03) 9280 8064.