Work Health Safety

Your duty as an employer is to make sure your employees are well informed about their health and safety within the workplace, and are aware of any potential hazards and safe methods whilst at work. Engaging your employees and assisting them to make sense of this obligation is essential.

Our team are experienced in WHS and will help you achieve this through a number of mechanisms including:

  • Guidance in holding informal safety meetings usually held for a particular task or procedure;
  • Conducting regular “training needs analysis” to decide if employees need further training in health and safety;
  • Consulting your employees directly, or through their representatives elected by your workforce or appointed by a union; or
  • Providing your employees with the findings of reports, audits, risk assessments and the like.

Work Health Safety Policies & Procedures

Well-documented policies and procedures help staff to understand how an organisation ‘works’. They also minimise business and legal risks.

Specific Work, Health Safety policies and procedures establish and document your organisation’s expectations, standards and responsibilities. Clear procedures guide managers and employees through the practical application of policies. Well-documented policies and procedures are also tangible evidence that your organisation has taken reasonable steps to minimise business risks and unlawful practice or behavior

Our skilled consultants can assist you to draft, develop and implement Work Health Safety policies and procedures. These policies and procedures can help shape and guide the organisational culture of your business to ensure you maximise its potential.

Our practitioners can assist you by:

  • Designing and developing individual policies and procedures or employee handbooks specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs; or
  • Reviewing and advising you about your existing Work Health Safety policies or workplace handbooks/manuals, and drafting or vetting as required
  • Advising on implementation, communication, training and managing change issues arising from policy changes
  • Addressing issues such as possible contractual effect of policies.


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WHS Complaince

Work health and safety legislation places stringent requirements upon employers, controllers and self-employed persons to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people (i.e. employees, visitors, contractors and others) in the workplace.

The legislation also requires designers, manufacturers and suppliers of both product and equipment to ensure that the end product is safe when properly used.

Breaches of the legislation can expose your organisation, and individual directors or managers, to significant financial penalties; as well as disrupting productivity and impacting workers’ compensation premiums.

Whilst the intent of the legislation and the penalties imposed for breaching the Act are very clear, many organisations struggle to remain compliant. The Australian Health Industry Group can conduct a review and assist you with systems to ensure that you comply with the legislative obligations.

Our consultants provide assistance through:

  • Undertaking comprehensive investigations to identify risks and make recommendations on appropriate measures to eliminate or control them;
  • Considering all initiatives for reducing costs which may include negotiating enforceable undertakings; and
  • Assistance with practical measures to manage the wellbeing of any affected workers/witnesses on site.


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Work Health Safety Advice

Our legal team will help you to minimise your exposure to incidents in the workplace by providing:

  • Advice as to how the WHS legislation, codes and standards apply to your business
  • Proactive risk management and compliance solutions
  • Assisting in incident investigations and dealing with regulatory authorities
  • Product safety issues
  • Advice in relation to workers compensation premium minimisation and audits
  • Provision of up to date information, seminars and workshops covering relevant WHS developments
  • Access to experts, both legal and non-legal to assist in your compliance activities.

Return To Work & Workers Compensation Matters

When someone reports an injury or illness that they believe is work related, it is essential that businesses respond in a caring and supportive manner.  Most work-related injuries, and associated workers’ compensation claims, resolve quickly.  However, some can become protracted issues requiring a lot of organisational attention and resources.

We can assist you to understand your obligations and the required processes, the claims lodgment process and give hints on how to best achieve a constructive return to work.

In relation to your workers compensation processes our practitioners can:

  • Provide advice and support for significant cases, including the development of return to work strategies and tactics
  • Review and develop procedures to achieve effective management of claims
  • Premium modelling, forecasting and reduction strategies


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